1. Competitive Rates
  2. In House Approvals: No delays waiting for third party approval… 24 hours with all details in hand.
  3. Fast Funding: Seven day funding guaranteed once conditions are met!
  4. No Early Prepayment Penalties: Pay down a portion or all of the mortgage at any time without any penalty.
  5. Simple Solution: Term should be 6-24 months.
  6. Sensible Underwriting: We are the decision makers, we underwrite, we process, we tell you YES and guarantee fast funding.
  1. Debt Consolidation: A solution to consolidate and lower the client’s interest rate and increase their credit rating to help them qualify for a conventional mortgage within 12-24 months.
  2. Easy to Qualify: Great option for home buyers who are not able to qualify for a traditional mortgage because of less-than-perfect credit, debt or for self-employed individuals who can’t always provide proof of a steady income. We focus more on the property itself and not the person.
  3. Very Short Term: Should your client require very short term financing, we can create a tailored fee structure, providing further discounts.
  4. We Listen!
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