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Many developers and casual home builders have been shut down by the banks as they are no longer interested in financing development. Graysbrook Capital has a track record of qualifying and funding developers throughout Atlantic Canada for the construction of single family and multi-family projects, as well as light commercial projects. This would include strip malls, apartment buildings, townhouses, etc. up to one million dollars.

Any client who owns their land outright can typically get approved. Contractors who are held to one or two projects at a time due to bank constraints can use funding from Graysbrook to handle as many projects as are feasible so that their crews are fully utilized and avoid costly down time.

With our private construction loans, up to 75% of the finished value can be approved within minutes, once the proper documents are in hand. We offer flexibility in draw management (in three or four draws). Hassle free draws are also approved on a same day basis. We have no early payout penalties, no CMHC costs, no home warranty required, and you can use your personal home or business to help secure funds.

Commercial mortgage funding by traditional banks has become quite challenging. Banks are requiring the borrower to have 2 years financial history in the subject building. If you’re buying new to you that creates a huge barrier. Also mixed use, non-owner occupied, etc. present more challenges than in the past.

Graysbrook Capital will fund your projects up to one million dollars based on your previous experience, financial success and/or the history of the building in discussion.

Don’t let the new lending criteria for banks stop you from missing a great opportunity. We will assess and respond to your request in a very short time frame. As well we guarantee 7 days funding once approved.

Some examples of situations we have funded:

  • an entrepreneur building a 12 unit apartment building
  • an immigrant with limited/no Canadian credit history
  • a developer built a 6 unit garden home complex for resale or rental

Graysbrook Capital will look at your whole financial picture, and help you find a common sense answer for your business!

Do you owe personal or business tax debt to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? Is your CRA debt in the way of a mortgage renewal at the bank? We can help. We can pay out your Canada Revenue Agency debt, even when banks cannot help. Our rate is cheaper than CRA interest costs.

We offer a Discounted Lender fee if a pre approval for the takeout is in place. There are no penalties to pay out the mortgage. By paying out CRA, you can then go to the bank and continue with the mortgage renewal you were planning to do.

Bridge financing, or short term financial needs arise for many reasons. A loan like a line of credit would be ideal, but banks will often not approve many clients once this new debt has surfaced. Examples would be a CRA reassessment, or simply a debt too large to pay out in one year. As well, property damage or employment disruption may cause a need for funds to be available for short window of time. Banks will look at your income and current situation and say you can’t afford further loans.

Graysbrook Capital will assess your complete financial health including your home equity, and then provide a short-term mortgage solution often reducing your monthly payment requirement and eliminating the higher interest payments. These short term mortgages often qualify for reduced fees. Once your situation has resolved itself, you are better positioned for a traditional bank to pay out Graysbrook.

We offer reduced fees for loans under 60 days. If you need a short term loan there is no better option. Our preferred fee structure for short term loans can’t be beat. We also have no early payout penalties.

As an equity lender / mortgage company, Graysbrook Capital provides mortgages to clients who don’t meet bank criteria or choose not to use a bank. Many clients find themselves outside the ever-changing bank criteria and finding a reputable equity lender local to their communities is not always that easy. Graysbrook is often referred to as the “common sense” lender of Atlantic Canada, and lends in all villages, towns and cities.

  • Lend up to 80% of the property value
  • Credit tarnished, need to re-establish credit? We can help!
  • Consolidation of debts to help free up cash
  • No geographic exclusions
  • Easy to qualify
  • Fast approvals (within 24 hours)
  • Fast funding (within 7 days)
  • No early payout penalties*

*Excluding NFLD; however, early/late payouts within 30 days of maturity will not be penalized

Debt consolidation, life events, cash requirements, tuition, etc. are all reasons why clients seek a second mortgage. Many lending institutions will not support second mortgages but at Graysbrook Capital, we assess your complete financial situation, with a focus on property equity. We will allow a second mortgage up to 70% of the property value. In many cases, to qualify, a blanket mortgage may be applied across two or more properties providing cash that may not otherwise be freed up.

Our goal is to provide the best solution for the client. That means we won’t force the clients to pay out their first mortgage if the rates or penalties make that prohibitive. Second mortgages have no early payout penalties.

Credit issues? We offer credit repair solutions.

We offer blanket mortgage options for various scenarios, such as blanketing multiple properties if client does not have enough equity in the property in question.

30% Equity + Solid Exit (12-24 months) Will Be Approved